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Theory Gr 6-8 Group Class.

Theory Gr6-8 Group class.

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Yamaha EL90

This is where I teach , my music cottage!
Spacious, air con and the students play on the grand piano!
I also have a library of music scores and books of different editions for students' repertoire and reference :)
And lots of CDs too!!!


mei hui 03.08.2014 15:35


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Wonderful sister.. Thanks for introducing such creative and interesting website.. Keep up the good work.. calistar likes it so much

26.08 | 16:41

Hi Alice,

thank you for ur enquiries,, Please go under "Contact Vivian" and enquire thru there with your email add, and I will get back to you.

26.08 | 14:07

How do u charge for LTCL ?