Teaching kids at an early age is not an easy task, as most people think.
It is thought that beginners don't need good technique to play their pieces, hence parents settle with non qualified teachers just because the fees are low.
This is hazardous to their kid's musical health.
Teaching young kids is very challenging and requires creativity to ignite and maintain the interest in them. Also, if they are not given a good foundation at the start, it will create bad habits which are difficult to erase later on in years.
Hoki was a very lively and active kid.
He has to be given some "activity" to keep him occupied,, hence I had to make up a story to get him practising.
His mom was also very supportive of him.
Parents need not have to know how to play the piano like this mom here, but encouragement and support are very important for their children to continue a long lasting musical journey.

Please enjoy :)

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Wonderful sister.. Thanks for introducing such creative and interesting website.. Keep up the good work.. calistar likes it so much

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Hi Alice,

thank you for ur enquiries,, Please go under "Contact Vivian" and enquire thru there with your email add, and I will get back to you.

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How do u charge for LTCL ?