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Teacher Viv :)

Welcome to ShalomViv Piano Cottage

Viv is a Piano Teacher in Singapore

Our Motto:

Excel to Enjoy, Enjoy to Excel !

How to excel without motivation and staying power?
Firstly,, get LOVE!
Without Love, we are NOTHING!
The Love for music will be the backer and the backbone of your motivation and perseverance to learn and master this awesome instrument,

And this is the place,, ShalomViv Piano Cottage is where the love for music begins~~~

Come join us in the family! 
And let music bond us together with love!


ShalomViv Piano Cottage!
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Alan Haught 24.08.2014 13:37

Awesome page, Viv! You are so creative and gifted!

May Ling 01.04.2014 08:16

I highly recommend Miss Viv to anyone interested in learning music. Miss Viv teaches piano as well as the electone and she does composition too.

Yuki 31.03.2014 15:09

Quality teaching......excellent !

ETHAN 06.12.2013 03:56


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23.12 | 09:39

Wonderful sister.. Thanks for introducing such creative and interesting website.. Keep up the good work.. calistar likes it so much

26.08 | 16:41

Hi Alice,

thank you for ur enquiries,, Please go under "Contact Vivian" and enquire thru there with your email add, and I will get back to you.

26.08 | 14:07

How do u charge for LTCL ?