Looking for a good piano accompanist?

If You are looking for a piano accompanist, please make sure you get a good one, cos a bad one can break you even how well you have performed .

A duet /duo involves 2 people. Just like a marriage,, it involves 2 people,,,

2 becomes 1

There are 4 requirements that make a perfect duet/duo.
Just remember R.A.C.E 

Both performers must be responsible in practising their parts excellently so as not to "sabotage" the other performer.
This is called 1) RESPONSIBILITY


Both performers must come to 2) AGREEMENT how the piece is interpreted and perform it with ONE MIND n HEART!

Both performers must have 3) CHEMISTRY and that comes with regular practices and listening to one another. 

The piano accompanist also must have 4)EXPERIENCE in coordinating and not play his/her own thing.

I do Piano Accompaniments for violin exams, vocals , any instrument.
If I'm not available, I can also recommend my students and good friends to accompany you.
Just write me an e-mail for more details!

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Wonderful sister.. Thanks for introducing such creative and interesting website.. Keep up the good work.. calistar likes it so much

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Hi Alice,

thank you for ur enquiries,, Please go under "Contact Vivian" and enquire thru there with your email add, and I will get back to you.

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How do u charge for LTCL ?